Helium Custom 2-Piece Training Set

Helium Custom 2-Piece Training Set
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The HOAPA HELIUM SHAFT & BLADE BUNDLE, perfect for training outside with a high quality carbon fiber shaft and replaceable fiberglass blades. 

The HOAPA HELIUM HE PS1 Shaft is a high quality, ultra-lightweight,  traditional carbon shaft.  Same construction as the HOAPA one piece sticks, the shaft features Pure Carbon Technology.

The pure carbon fiber HE1 shaft is among the lightest ever available. Made using the highest quality Japanese carbon fiber. The shaft is designed to have perfect balance while maintaining the highest durability standards.

The HOAPA HE PS2 replacement blade is made from quality, composite and fibreglass materials. Same construction methods as the HOAPA one piece sticks, these blades feature fibreglass composite construction. 

Great for play on many surfaces including outdoor training, roller and ball hockey.

* Level of Play Guideline: All
* Shaft Compatibility: Tapered

*This product is not eligible for any promotion